Plant. Eat. Repeat. | Mason Mill Community Garden

By Food Well Alliance (other events)

Saturday, April 13 2019 10:00 AM 12:00 PM EDT

Calling all new and experienced gardeners!

Want a stronger connection to your food and where it comes from? Want a chance to network with neighbors and others in your community interested in edible gardening?

Food Well Alliance and the Atlanta Botanical Garden are pairing up to launch a brand new series of spring workshops at community gardens across metro Atlanta. Whether you’re a novice or a gardening pro, come prepared to learn from experts who will provide hands-on teaching and demonstrations.

All workshops will feature light refreshments, opportunities to network, and instruction on the following topics:

Horticulture 101 & Crop Planning

  • Creating and maintaining a planting calendar
  • Overview of the basic tools you’ll need (trowel, gloves, snake tongue weeder, harvest knife, pruners, tweezers, plant labels, etc.)
  • Intercropping and plants that work well together

Seeds, Starts, and Transplants

  • Seeds - where to get seeds, how to plant them in beds, seed spacing
  • Breaking up roots for planting
  • What to look for in healthy transplants/starts

Soil, Nutrients, and Fertility

  • Collecting soil samples and soil testing
  • Nutrient balance
  • Soil fertilizers
  • Organic fertilizers

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