Plant. Eat. Repeat. | Parkview Community Garden

By Food Well Alliance (other events)

Saturday, June 29 2019 10:00 AM 12:00 PM EDT

Calling all new and experienced gardeners!

Want a stronger connection to your food and where it comes from? Want a chance to network with neighbors and others in your community interested in edible gardening?

Food Well Alliance, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and Park Pride are pairing up to launch a brand new series of spring workshops at community gardens across metro Atlanta. Whether you’re a novice or a gardening pro, come prepared to learn from experts who will provide hands-on teaching and demonstrations.

All workshops will feature light refreshments, opportunities to network, and instruction on the following topics:

Pest and Disease Management / Crop Rotation

  • Common pests and what to look for
  • Homemade or organic pest control such as traps, soapy sprays, horticulture oil, common crop rotations & companion plant combinations

Irrigation, Harvesting and Post-harvest Management

  • Irrigation Methods - Water wand nozzles, watering hoses, drip irrigation, soaker hoses, sub irrigated planters, ollas/oya (clay pot irrigation), rain barrels
  • Harvesting Techniques - hand harvesting
  • Post-harvest Management - washing and storing produce, weighing, sorting, added value products (canning, preserves, teas, tinctures resources), cut flowers & how to read harvesting guidelines

Tools & Equipment

  • Tool rental options for larger tools
  • Tool maintenance and care, storage & cleaning

*NOTE: This workshop will be followed by an onsite Knox Compost System Build with Fred Conrad that attendees are welcome to join!